Learn to Program Apps & Games

Want to create apps and games for your phone?
Learn to code with JavaScript now!

Level 1: learn variables, if statements, loops

Level 2: learn functions, arrays, graphics

Level 3: learn animation, events, objects, classes

Each level has 200+ tasks and projects and takes 8-15 hours to complete. The first 50 tasks are free. View course outline

Learn to Build Websites

Want to create the next Facebook or Twitter?
Learn to code HTML, CSS and JavaScript now!

Level 1: basic HTML5 & CSS3

Level 2: intermediate HTML5 & CSS3

Level 3: interactive websites and web apps

Each level has 100+ tasks and projects and takes 6-10 hours to complete. The first 25 tasks are free. View course outline

Code Avengers has created 3 one hour tutorials for the Hour of Code campaign, which aims to inspire millions of students to learn to code.

Intro to Game Development: build a 2 player top down 2D game in 10 easy steps with JavaScript.

Flags Challenge: learn the basics of 2D graphics as you draw flags of the world with increasing difficulty.

Create a JavaScript Quiz Game: create a quiz game using JavaScript, which can be shared with friends. Along the way, earn points, badges as you compete to reach the top of the class leaderboard.

Code Avengers is designed for self-paced learning by ages 12+. For ages 8-12 parent support is recommended.

Our courses teach HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, computer languages used to make web applications like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. In early 2014 we will offer Python courses.

Course outlines: computer programming | web development

Help your children unlock coding superpowers with engaging and effective courses used by 200,000+ learners. Set up a parents account to monitor your students progress.

Supercharge your classroom learning with engaging online courses and class progress reports that make it easy to identify students that need support.

Used in 2000+ schools, colleges and universities! Level 1 lessons and projects (~25 hours) are FREE for schools. Premium annual licences are $6-$10 per student.

Course outlines: computer programming | web development


Teacher Testimonials

I covered 3 times more HTML material [with Code Avengers] than my traditional teaching methods... The teacher dashboard and self-paced learning helps teachers and students know exactly where help is needed. Code Avengers is the best thing to happen in my teaching career and if all teachers had access to resources like this higher achievement would be guaranteed.Troy Smith, NZ

I have searched the net far and wide, downloaded at least 10 books each on python and html and nothing is anywhere near as good as this site. I really am so impressed, and thankful.Kim Adams, NZ

I introduced each of my Y9 classes to Code Avengers with huge success. The progression in difficulty and level of repetition to embed the skills and concepts is perfect.Chris, UK

Compared to other interactive tutorials I've seen (e.g. CodeAcademy or w3schools), you do a really nice job of providing scaffolding and hints while also leaving room for the learners to have to think and problem-solve for themselves sometimes.Sean, USA

I had students asking me if they could work on it at home also. They loved it!Henry, USA

Its a very cool course and everyone is engaged!Astrid, NZ

The quietest my students have been for agesLesley, NZ

I have been trying out your program at home and I just wanted to let you know that I think it is amazing. I am finding that the evening slips away on me and I am really enjoying doing it.Corrina, NZ

Learner Testimonials

You've done a brilliant job. I am amazed by how much thought has been put into it, and the fact that someone has created a course who actually seems to know HOW to teach, and HOW people actually learn! It brings tears to my eyes when I think about the effort you've made and the gratification I'm receiving from the course. I owe you a debt of gratitude!Gwen Lovett, Oct 2013

Your site is amazing. This style of lesson presentation is fantastic... lesson prompts, reference info, glossary, editor, live preview of results; all on ONE PAGE! ... way to go for basically "one upping" codecademy without their budget. bravo.Sumpm, Dec 2012

Your lessons are awesome! You really thought how to teach JavaScript out thoroughly by how engaging, enjoyable, and most importantly, how enriching it is for me—considering I'm a complete beginner in coding. Keep up the excellent work!M.C H.

I LOVED your first course on JavaScript! It's the best free resource out there! Thank you So MUCH for putting it together! You're helping us all to better the world of design and development!Karl, Jul 2013

Your site is absolutely awsome! I have been looking for html5 courses all over the internet but your system is by far the best! I will be using it a lot and of course I will tell some friends about it. Thanks a lot.Elvis, Nov 2012

I absolutely LOVED doing CSS Lvl 1. I found it much more engaging than CodeCademy's (which I stopped midway to try yours). Thanks very much.Boris, Nov 2012

You can not imagine the happiness i felt about your system. Of many attempts to learn programming this is the best technique I had ever worked onAbdul, Pakistan

I am REALLY enjoying the site. I found it after voicing my frustrations about CodeCademy to the Interwebs. Code Avengers is an order of magnitude better. You've truly created an addictive experience.Akweli, Mar 2013

I love your site... It's helped me get up to speed! Thank you!Andrew, Nov 2012

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