Hipster, Hacker or Hustler

According to this article, every business team needs 3 types of people to be successful: a Hipster, a Hacker, and a Hustler.

The Hipster is the one who makes the product cool and fashionable.
The Hacker is the one who knows how to actually build the product.
The Hustler is the one who finds a way to sell the product to the world.

Answer each of the questions below to find out which type of person you are.

Question 1

What color is your text editor?

Question 2

Which do you want most?

Question 3

What do you get for a quick snack?

Question 4

How many hours a week do you spend playing video games?

Question 5

What do you prefer to wear to work?

Question 6

Which is your ideal Friday night activity?