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The Negative Effects of Computer Use on the Environment

The negative effects of computer use on the environment There are several effects computer use has on the environment. Not only does it affect the environment but also human health. Hopefully this information becomes useful and you start considering what you do with your computers they next time you decide to throw them away!

First of all, sometimes people (especially in businesses) print unnecessary large amounts of files, emails or things from the internet which wastes paper and harms trees. People who use computers never really turn off the device which wastes electricity that could have been saved and reduce the amount of burning of fossil fuel.

Secondly, computers are made of heavy metals and dangerous chemicals. Heavy metals including:

These metals and chemicals contribute to global warming because from these discarded computers it causes water contamination and air pollution.

E-waste is sent to developing countries which are placed in landfills where people there extract materials from these electronics such as gold, silver, and copper. They extract them by burning the substances and that process releases hazardous smoke into the air. Toxins from the air also touch the water which also gets polluted and causes health risks. People drink this water and also use it for cleaning their clothes.

The people present around the e-waste gain diseases such as skin cancer, brain damage, lung cancer, kidney disease and abortion.