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Build Professional Websites

html5 + css3

Web pages are constructed using two computer languages. HTML defines the content of pages, and CSS defines style and layout.

Free Intro


Intro to coding websites.

Level 1

HTML & CSS Basics

Learn HTML basics as you build a personal profile page...

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Level 2

HTML & CSS Intermediate

Learn how to spice up your web pages with gradients, audio...

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Level 3

Web Development

Learn how to make pages more interactive by adding forms...

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Level 1: HTML & CSS Basics

Learn HTML basics as you build a personal profile page that includes headers, footers, images, navigation links, and much more.

Learn CSS basics by building your own business profile page, styled with custom fonts, colors and shadows.

20 Lessons 3 Projects 120 Tasks 10 Hours
Ready to code?

Lessons 1–5

  • Paragraph and break tags
  • Title, heading, and strong tags
  • Adding images to your pages
  • Linking pages with "anchors"
Project 1

Build a personal profile page

Lessons 6–10

  • Common HTML mistakes
  • Formatted lists
  • Google HTML style guide
  • Header, footer and section tags
Lessons 11–15

  • CSS color names
  • Using pretty fonts
  • Styling anchor tags
  • Google CSS style guide
Project 2

Build a business profile page

Lessons 16–20

  • Adding borders to images
  • Add space with margins
  • Add shadow effects
  • Add background images

Level 2: HTML & CSS Intermediate

Learn how to spice up your web pages with gradients, audio, video, maps, and more.

Continue learning HTML & CSS as you create a 5 page interactive travel guide optimized for mobile devices.

20 Lessons 2 Projects 120 Tasks 8 Hours
Ready to code?

Lessons 1–5

  • Using "external" style sheets
  • Add audio and video
  • Add code "comments"
  • Padding versus margin
Lessons 6–10

  • The 3 display types
  • Make anchors look like buttons
  • Use RGB color values
  • Gradients and browser prefixes
Lessons 11–15

  • W3C validation
  • Using figure tags
  • Building and styling tables
  • Using meta tags
Lessons 16–20

  • CSS class selectors
  • CSS descendant selectors
  • Create a navigation bars
  • Style pages for printing

Level 3: Web Development Advanced

Learn how make web pages interactive by adding forms and using JavaScript.

In this course, you’ll create a collection of simple apps, and develop the skills to build your own.

Free pre-requisites: Intro to JavaScript, Intro to Web Development.

20 Lessons 4 Projects 150 Tasks 8 Hours
Ready to code?

Lessons 1–5

  • Changing style with JavaScript
  • Using element IDs
  • Creating buttons
  • Using multi-choice select boxes
Lessons 6–10

  • Create text and number input boxes
  • Add labels to inputs
  • Create radio and check boxes
  • Hexidecimal colors
Lessons 11–15

  • CSS attribute selectors
  • Create range inputs
  • Color, date and time inputs
  • Using text area boxes
Lessons 16–20

  • How the Internet works
  • Regular expression basics
  • Placeholder and pattern attributes
  • Sign up and login forms

Build Apps & Games


A simple, powerful and popular language that's built into web browsers and is used to make interactive web pages, apps and games.

Free Intro

JavaScript Intro

Intro to coding apps and games.

Level 1

JavaScript Basics

Learn the basics of computer programming by...

More info

Level 2

JavaScript Intermediate

Learn to code simple graphics, use "functions" to store...

More info

Level 3

JavaScript Advanced

Learn to code animations and respond to mouse and...

More info

Level 1: JavaScript Basics

Learn the basics of computer programming (input, output, variables, if statements and loops) by completing code challenges, bug hunts, robot missions.

At the end of every 10 lessons, you’ll complete projects that build calculators, quizzes, and games you can play with your friends.

40 Lessons 12 Projects 400 Tasks 24 Hours
Ready to code?

Lessons 1–10

  • Display "alert" messages
  • Perform calculations
  • Store data with "variables"
  • Ask questions in "prompt" boxes
  • Join strings and numbers
Project 1

Draw the flags of the world.

Project 2

Create a multi-choice quiz.

Project 3

Build a game with variables.

Lessons 11–20

  • Use "if statements" to check responses
  • Understand boolean values
  • Use the "confirm" box
  • The special value "null"
Project 4

Eye spy game

Project 5

Programming challenge

Project 6

Build a game with if statements.

Lessons 21–30

  • Repeat sections of code with "while loops"
  • Avoiding "infinite loops"
  • Create a weekly wage calculator
  • Create a math quiz
Project 7

Draw computer games graphics.

Project 8

The "Awesomeness Calculator"

Project 9

Build a game with while loops.

Lessons 31–40

  • Comprehensive program testing
  • Make code better by refactoring
  • Repeating code with "for loops"
  • Create a BMI calculator
Project 10

Build a memory game

Project 11

Build a statistics calculator

Project 12

Build a game with for loops.

Level 2: JavaScript Intermediate

Learn to code simple graphics, use "functions" to hold repeated code, and "arrays" to store and manipulate lists of data.

At the end of each lesson you’ll build more games including "connect four" and "chuck-a-luck".

40 Lessons 4 Projects 240 Tasks 12 Hours
Ready to code?

Lessons 1–10

  • Manipulating text with string functions
  • Encoding letters with "ASCII"
  • Create a multi-choice quiz
  • Review exercises
Lessons 11–20

  • Creating functions
  • Variable scope and parameters
  • Calling functions inside functions
  • Creating functions to draw the wonders of the world
Lessons 21–30

  • Use Math object functions
  • Generate random numbers
  • Create a fortune teller
  • Create "Chuck-a-Luck" dice game
Project 1

Create "Connect Four"

Project 2

Create a treasure hunt game

Lessons 31–40

  • Storing lists with "arrays"
  • Sorting and printing lists
  • The modulus operator
  • Build a graphical puzzle game
Project 3

Create a text based quiz

Project 4

Create a pig latin translator

Level 3: JavaScript Advanced

Learn to code animations and respond to mouse and keyboard input. Conclude by learning to create your own object templates with "classes".

Along the way you’ll build a range of apps including a space shooter, racing game, typing tutor, mini-golf and the family classic hangman.

40 Lessons 8 Projects 320 Tasks 12 Hours
Ready to code?

Lessons 1–10

  • Handle mouse events
  • Build basic painting apps
  • Animating with frame events
  • Built a satellite shooter
Project 1

Build a 2D top-down game editor.

Project 2

Build the "Mystery Pictures" game.

Lessons 11–15

  • Capture key events
  • Create a basic text editor
  • Create a typing tutor
  • Build a digital whiteboard
Project 3

Build the "Click Racer" game

Project 4

Build a classic Hangman game

Lessons 16–20

  • Key presses during animation
  • Fly a spaceship
  • Object collisions detection
  • Do vector calculations
Project 5

Build a mini-golf game

Project 6

Build "Speedway" racing game

Lessons 21–25

  • Object templates with "classes"
  • Create a "tank duel" game
  • Create a digital scoreboard
  • Use a code "debugger"
Project 7

Build the "Pong" arcade game

Project 8

Build the 2 player "Money Run"

Learn to Code

python 3

A popular, fun, and easy language to learn, which can be used to build apps with Kivy, games with PyGame and websites with Django.

Free Intro

Python Grid Challenges

Learn to read Python code by completing 10 short "grid challenges".

Level 1

Python Basics

Learn to use strings, variables, if statements, and loops.

More info

Level 2

Python Intermediate

Learn to use functions, lists and dictionaries

Level 1: Python Basics

Learn the basics of Python programming (input, output, variables, if statements and loops) by completing code challenges, bug hunts and quizzes.

Throughout the course you’ll also complete projects, grid challenges and turtle challenges.

30 Lessons 7 Projects 220 Tasks 10 Hours
Ready to code?

Lessons 1–10

  • Strings and print statements
  • Calculations and operators
  • Comments and variables
  • Debugging statements
Project 1

Sequence grid challenges

Project 2

Basic turtle challenges

Lessons 11–20

  • Selection
  • Boolean
  • Matching strings
  • Formatting
Project 3

If Statement Grid Challenges

Project 4

Review challenges

Lessons 21–30

  • Loops
  • Loop counters
  • Break and continue
  • Infinite loops
Project 5

Loop grid challenges

Project 6

Loop turtle challenges

Project 7

Stats calculator

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of online coding courses.
Why should I choose Code Avengers?

The most effective way to learn is by doing. With our courses you'll build real websites and apps to ensure you gain practical skills as you learn the theory.

To make your journey as easy as possible, we use simple language, step-by-step instructions, and give you all the help you need.

Our 100+ hours of comprehensive courses include 1000+ code challenges, quizzes and videos that give you a solid foundation in computer programming and web development.

Learning with us is fun! You'll earn points and badges as you build cool creations you can show off to your friends.

Will I need any special software, hardware, or books?

No! All you need to get started is right here on this website. Our courses are as user friendly as our demo.

Code Avengers works best with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox—although you shouldn't have any problems with other modern browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer, please use version 9 or better.

What skills do I need to use Code Avengers?

You do no need to complete any prerequisites—you can start learning code and building websites, games and apps with no prior knowledge.

Code Avengers is great for total beginners—start at Level 1. More experienced coders can start at Level 2.

What if I get stuck and need help on a lesson?

Our tasks provide feedback when you make mistakes, as well as hints and answers. If you find a lesson particularly challenging you can contact us at support@codeavengers.com, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Does my course subscription expire?

Your courses access does not expire. There are absolutely no contracts or scheduled study commitments—we track your process as you learn at your own pace. You can come back any time and start from the point you left—or even refresh your skills by reviewing a previous level.

Do you offer certificates for my CV?

Yes, we provide verified certificates free of charge to those who complete at least 3 Code Avengers courses.

What age is Code Avengers suitable for?

Code Avengers has been used to great success with people of all ages—if you can read, understand basic math and can use a computer, you can start learning to code now. It's really that simple!

What versions of HTML and CSS do you teach?

We teach the latest versions: HTML5 and CSS3. We're continually updating and adding content to keep our courses relevant.

Will I learn to develop mobile apps and games?

Yes! At Code Avengers we teach you to build apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These apps can be converted to native phone apps for all devices, using a free tool called phonegap.

What courses will you be teaching next?

We will be releasing a game development course in April 2015, and plan to release design courses and further web development courses including JQuery in mid-2015. We also have design and digital marketing courses in development.