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PRO Intro

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PRO Level 1

(Ages 13-16)

PRO Level 2

(Ages 15-18)

Free Courses

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Computational Thinking

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Data Representation

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Free Courses

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Intro Courses

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Web Developer

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Computer Science

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What are teachers saying?

The courses instructions are very easy to follow and complete all the tasks in each module. My Year 10s are loving it. The different range of Web development and Programming modules are very beneficial to teachers and students.

James, High School Teacher

We encourage students to work on this at school and at home and they have really enjoyed the tasks. It’s taken a lot of pressure off the teacher, especially with the ability to track students progress. We will definitely be using it again next year.

Renee, High School Teacher

I have enough skills now to support students and scaffold them to where they need to be.

Melina, Primary School Teacher

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Code Avengers at my school?

Code Avengers is a flexible platform that is being used across 15,000 schools. Schools are using age appropriate Code Avengers lesson plans and courses to teach programming and other digital technologies topics in formal Computer Science classes or to support project-based learning across all subject areas -- science, mathematics, social studies and more.

Schools can use Code Avengers to supplement classroom teaching i.e previewing or follow-up of skills learned in class or schools can roll out a comprehensive and progressive digital technologies curriculum across all grades.

Do I need coding experience or training to use Code Avengers with my students?

Not at all! No coding experience or training is required. Teachers love Code Avengers because the self-paced curriculum encourages and enables students to be independent self-directed learners.. Code Avengers provides a rich set of resources to answer student questions, such as videos, quizzes, guides, and tutorials. We've found that teachers can also learn alongside the students, and in a collaborative environment, students can help and inspire each other.

There is a large library of courses that teachers can choose from to upskill themselves, all of which give practical hands-on experience with the concepts and practices through interactive tasks, and real-world programming languages. In addition, our newly created teacher professional learning and development (PD) track helps teachers to start as absolute beginners and develops their ability to create an effective classroom culture for computer science learning. These PD courses include topics like collaborative strategies, repositioning the teacher from being the expert to learning alongside their students, fostering perseverance and innovation, and culturally responsive pedagogy.

Is it easy to monitor and track what my students are learning?

Absolutely! We understand how busy educators are, which is why we have a whole suite of educator tools. Teachers have access to ‘at a glance’ online student tracking where they can monitor student progress, time spent on task, number of attempts, support needed to complete task and more. All tasks are graded with immediate feedback provided on the teacher dashboard. Teachers can also export this data to a spreadsheet. The outcomes of free play activities, courses, and projects can be inspected by the teacher.

Do my students need prior experience?

Code Avengers provides a fun and easy introduction to Digital Technologies for all students. Elementary or Primary school students can get started with Code Avengers through our Junior courses, which support computational thinking through three tracks - Algorithms, Programming and Data Representation.

Age specific , curriculum aligned courses allow students to develop skills year-on-year with a gradual transition from basic skills like block based programming (Elementary and Middle Schools) to traditional programming languages like JavaScript, Python and web languages like HTML5 and CSS3 at High School. Through our paid subscription teachers and students have access to all our courses. This makes it easy to personalise learning by assigning individual students to a course at an appropriate level.

How do Code Avengers courses work?

Code Avengers courses are rich task- based lessons. Students do not simply watch a video or read some tutorials, here students learn by doing and they get real-time feedback on how well they understand concepts.

Each course contains 10-30 lessons, with each 30 minute lesson broken into 5 tasks that practice each concept. Supplementary projects and quizzes help students deepen their understanding by applying the concepts in other contexts.

We have developed a world leading learning platform that monitors student learning, provides real-time intelligent feedback to the students and the teachers, hints, solutions, an interactive reference, bonus games, gamification, and more. Practical concepts are taught through real-world projects that allow students to apply the skills they learn in broader contexts.

Can I use Code Avengers with my entire school?

Absolutely! Code Avengers teaches Digital Technologies topics, like Algorithms, Programming, Data Representation, Design and more, to students of all ages! We align with Digital Technologies curricula around the world and have learning material catering to students from Year 1-Year 13 (K-12).

What do my students learn with Code Avengers?

Code Avengers is designed to teach students the Digital Technologies curriculum. This covers computational thinking, core Computer Science concepts, design and much more. Code Avengers lessons not only make it easy for students to understand abstract programming concepts, but also allow them to apply concepts to different projects, games, and real world scenarios. Students learn programming concepts such as loops and variables, repetition, conditional logic, functions, computer drawing, and music. Students will acquire critical skills, such as problem decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, algorithmic thinking, and automation. Students will also count, sort, plot, translate, predict and model numbers in fun and engaging ways as they learn how computers store data in the binary system. Once students have a strong grasp of the fundamentals, they can transition to any mainstream programming language, such as JavaScript and Python and web languages such as HTML5 and CSS3, or build their theoretical knowledge with our Computer Science and Design courses.

Are there lesson plans and outlines for teachers?

Absolutely! Each junior course has a set of lesson plans that includes learning outcomes, descriptions of the story and content, unplugged activities, and worksheets. This helps teachers to personalise the learning for their students

What have other teachers said about Code Avengers?

“Code Avengers was introduced to our school in 2015. This was an important programme in regards to helping our teachers facilitation of the subject and students accessing a dynamic tool for anywhere anytime use. As long as you had the internet both Teachers and Students were able to learn. As a school we believe this tool has given our students the opportunity to learn Digital Technologies in the most easy way possible without needing any prerequisite knowledge. If there is a desire to move into doing Digital Technologies this would be the programme to use. The team at Code Avengers are passionate about enabling all students and teachers to be successful in Digital Technologies. The resources are exceptional and support team is instant."

- Head of Technology (K-12 School)

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