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Professional Learning Development for Educators

Our registered teachers will guide you through the process of digitally up skilling, ensuring you feel confident in delivering your curriculum. As an accredited PLD provider, we support schools’ computer science curriculum implementation and digital fluency development globally.

We provide a suite of robust professional development courses in addition to live training (in person or via video call).

Course Curriculum

Elementary/Primary School

  • K
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Middle School/Intermediate

  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

High School

  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12

JR Level 1

(Ages 5-8)

JR Level 2

(Ages 7-11)

JR Level 3

(Ages 7-11)

PRO Intro

(Ages 12-14)

PRO Level 1

(Ages 13-16)

PRO Level 2

(Ages 15-18)

Free Courses

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Computational Thinking

5 Courses
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5 Courses
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Data Representation

5 Courses
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Free Courses

6 Courses
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Intro Courses

4 Courses
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5 Courses
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Web Developer

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Computer Science

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What are teachers saying?

One student, who suffers from massive social anxiety and has been subject to bullying has achieved much better results in this platform than what anyone could have possibly believed. Success in this area has given him a positive mental self-image where most of the rest of his world has been quite dark and negative.

Steve, Australia

Code Avengers delivered exactly what we needed - rigorous curriculum, ready-to-use lesson plans, professional development, and the ability to monitor student progress - all at a reasonable price.

Carol, USA

I have enough skills now to support students and scaffold them to where they need to be.

Melina, Primary School Teacher

Ensure no one gets left on the other side of the digital divide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need coding experience or training to use Code Avengers with my students?

No experience or training is required, our courses are scaffolded to support educators and learners of all experience levels. Teachers can complete courses themselves to upskill, or learn alongside students collaboratively. Code Avengers provides a rich set of resources with interactive tasks and activities to maintain student engagement and teach real-world skills.

Educators have access to lesson plans, unplugged activities and cross-curriculum integration through the Teacher Dashboard. Additionally, an EDU licence will provide access to our Professional Learning Development courses, covering topics such as; collaborative strategies, repositioning the teacher from being the expert to learning alongside their students, fostering perseverance and innovation, and culturally responsive pedagogy.

Our skilled Education Consultants are available to walk you through the online learning platform, and direct you to handy help videos and how-to guides as needed.

Is it easy to monitor and track what my students are learning?

Absolutely! Code Avengers courses have been designed by teachers, for teachers. We understand how busy you are, which is why we have a whole suite of educator tools. Teachers have access to ‘at a glance’ online student tracking where they can monitor student progress, time spent on each task, the number of attempts each student has made, support needed to complete each task and more.

All tasks are self-graded with immediate feedback provided on the teacher dashboard and class data can be exported to a spreadsheet at any time. Maintain control of class direction by assigning specific courses to class groups or individual students and simultaneously manage class differentiation needs.

Do my students need prior experience?

Teachers love the self-paced Code Avengers curriculum as it encourages and enables students to be confident, independent learners. Our courses are perfect for students of any experience level; Junior courses are story-based and connected with real-world themes and learning concepts. Pro courses (for middle school and older) are interactive and engaging with real-world skills and programming languages. Code Avengers provides a positive introduction to, and ongoing learning experience with computer science.

Within the Code Avengers platform students love the helpful videos, links to glossary terms and other important information, hints, built-in IDE, achievement tracking and more! All Code Avengers courses are aligned to computer science and digital technologies curricula around the world, giving you the confidence you need as an educator that learning is age-appropriate and relevant.

How do Code Avengers courses work?

Code Avengers courses are hands-on and combine a variety of written, spoken and video-based instructions to support student understanding. Students learn by doing in each Code Avengers course, and receive real-time feedback on their task completion.

Courses contain 10-30 lessons, with each 30 minute lesson broken into 5 tasks. Supplementary projects and quizzes help students deepen their understanding by applying the course concepts in new contexts.

We have developed a world leading learning platform that monitors student learning, provides real-time intelligent feedback to the students and the teachers, offers hints, solutions, an interactive reference, bonus games, gamification, and more. Practical concepts are taught through real-world projects that allow students to apply the skills they learn in broader contexts.

Can I use Code Avengers with my entire school?

We have learning material that caters to students K - 12 and curriculum alignment guides to help you understand which courses are best suited for your classes.

Code Avengers courses are integrated with concepts from a range of learning areas and are beneficial to support or supplement any unit or topic your students are learning.

What do my students learn with Code Avengers?

Code Avengers courses support educators in computer science teaching, and ensure that students have adequate access to all learning concepts from the computer science / digital technologies curriculum. We cover: computational thinking, data representation, digital systems, programming, the impacts of computing, software engineering, web development, design and much more. Code Avengers lessons not only make it easy for students to understand abstract programming concepts, but also allow them to apply learned concepts within different projects, games, and real world scenarios.

Students learn programming concepts such as loops and variables, repetition, conditional logic, functions, computer drawing, and music. Students will acquire critical skills, such as problem decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, algorithmic thinking, and automation. Students will also count, sort, plot, translate, predict and model numbers in fun and engaging ways as they learn how computers store data in the binary system. Once students have a strong grasp of the fundamentals, they can transition to any mainstream programming language through our JavaScript, Python or HTML5 and CSS3 courses.

Are there lesson plans and outlines for teachers?

Each junior course is aligned to a set of comprehensive lesson plans for teachers to personalise and use as appropriate for their class. Lesson plans include; learning outcomes, descriptions of the story and content, unplugged activities and worksheets.

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