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During his PhD research, Code Avengers founder Michael Walmsley uncovered 12 key principles for an optimal online learning experience.

By applying these principles, our team of expert educators are developing a learning platform that makes learning as fun and effective as possible.

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Mona E.: "Good resource for teaching students HTML, CSS, and Javascript coding."

Mara G.: "Excellent website for teaching coding"

"A leading online
learning provider"

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Andre Bourque of Huffington Post wrote:

"Code Avengers gamifies the educational experience, bringing social, incentives, and leaderboards to personal development. The platform is solely focused on IT engineering. "It is estimated that by the year 2020 4.3 million jobs will be available for coders," the site reveals.

Regularly noted in lists of top coding platforms, Codeavengers merges simplified UI, with the latest emulation and development technologies. The system navigates users through software development tasks, as their output is rendedred on a mini phone simulator, for example.

The "anyone can do it and love it" mantra is very much an imperative for this company. In fact, the platform offers a set of modules for journalists. Code Avengers provides 30 hours of interactive tutorials for HTML and CSS in an interactive module with a superhero theme. The program starts from the absolute basics and works from there, providing a real-time onscreen visualizer so you always know how your code looks online. It also builds from each previous lesson, so there's no code wasted."

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  • Dan Owen, USA

    "I just want to compliment you on an outstanding site! I enjoyed immensely the Javascript lessons."

  • Mark, AUS

    "Your lessons are awesome! You teach JavaScript thoroughly, in a way that is engaging, enjoyable, and most importantly, enriching for me as a complete beginner."

  • Karl Kajehart, USA

    "I LOVED your first course on JavaScript! It's the best free resource out there! Thank you So MUCH for putting it together! You're helping us all to better the world of design and development!"

  • Akweli, UK

    "I am REALLY enjoying the site. I found it after voicing my frustrations about CodeCademy to the Interwebs. Code Avengers is an order of magnitude better. You've truly created an addictive experience."

  • Gwen, NZ

    "You've done a brilliant job. I am amazed by how much thought has been put into it, and the fact that someone has created a course who actually seems to know HOW to teach, and HOW people actually learn! I owe you a debt of gratitude!"

  • Cale Switzer, USA

    "I started on codecademy and got frustrated when I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my code and couldn't advance. I went on to try your site and loved it - it is much more conceptual."

  • Pete, UK

    "I've been looking for html5 courses all over the internet and your system is by far the best! I will definitely tell my friends about it. Thanks a lot."

Osine & Anesi

Developed an app that has been downloaded over 60,000 times.

Read Their Story

Osine & Anesi

After learning to code with Code Avengers, Nigerian brothers Osine and Anesi (age 12 and 14) created a mobile web browser that works faster than chrome for low end phones which are what's used most by young people in africt. The browser they created, Crocodile Browser Lite is available in the google play store and has amassed over 60,000 downloads so far. The brothers hope to continue to create other useful applications for developing nations.


Landed a full-time job straight out of high school as a web developer.

Read Olivia's Story


Olivia, from Australia, started learning to code with Code Avengers in her final year of high school. By the time she received her high school diploma she had learnt enough from Code Avengers to be hired by a Web Development Agency.


Started his own app development company.

Read Benji's Story


After attending a Code Avengers Code Camp in early 2013, Benjamin from Canada, continued to learn how to code using Code Avengers. “The lessons they teach are very thorough, easy to understand, and fun”. Since then, Benjamin who is now 17, has launched two mobile apps for Android and iOS. The experience so far has been fantastic, seeing words on a screen become a fully functional app.

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