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Kickstart your
child’s future with Code Avengers Jr

Learn programming, computer skills and math, in a way that's as fun as computer games.

Kids spend 30+ hours a week glued to Facebook, YouTube and computer games. Turn wasted screen time into positive screen time.

What is Code Avengers Jr?

Interactive online courses for students of all ages

essential digital skills


Digital Skills

Your child will learn programming and computer literacy while improving critical thinking and math skills at the same time.
fun for all ages

Fun for

All Ages

Interactive lessons, games and activities that will educate and engage your child from ages 5-15.
learn while you play

Learn while

you play

Learning shouldn’t be a chore. Our focus on gamified learning makes our courses fun and effective for children.

Why learn with Code Avengers Jr?

Invest in your child’s future with essential life skills

computers are everywhere


are everywhere

An understanding of the technology that surrounds our everyday lives will help your child excel in a digital world.
works for all abilities

Works for

all abilities

No matter what your child’s reading or math ability is, Code Avengers will help them succeed at school and in life.
we do the teaching

We do

the teaching

You don’t have to be an expert. Our courses are created by education experts aligned to school curriculum.

Turn wasted screen time into positive screen time

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