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How Code Avengers Works?

Find out how we teach and how you can succeed.

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Learn by Doing

Learn from step-by-step instructions combined with 1000s of code challenges, videos and quizzes with support from expert educators and an enthusiastic community of learners.
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Build Your Portfolio

You'll start off learning to build simple apps and websites, but quickly progress to building real-world applications you can show-off to friends and future employers.
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Achieve Your Goals

Whether you want to land your dream job, start your own tech company, or build technology that changes the world, the Code Avengers team are dedicated to helping you get there faster!

Success Stories

They did it... and so can you!

Osine & Anesi

Developed an app that has been downloaded over 60,000 times.

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Osine & Anesi

After learning to code with Code Avengers, Nigerian brothers Osine and Anesi (age 12 and 14) created a mobile web browser that works faster than chrome for low end phones which are what's used most by young people in africt. The browser they created, Crocodile Browser Lite is available in the google play store and has amassed over 60,000 downloads so far. The brothers hope to continue to create other useful applications for developing nations.


Landed a full-time job straight out of high school as a web developer.

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Olivia, from Australia, started learning to code with Code Avengers in her final year of high school. By the time she received her high school diploma she had learnt enough from Code Avengers to be hired by a Web Development Agency.


Started his own app development company.

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After attending a Code Avengers Code Camp in early 2013, Benjamin from Canada, continued to learn how to code using Code Avengers. “The lessons they teach are very thorough, easy to understand, and fun”. Since then, Benjamin who is now 17, has launched two mobile apps for Android and iOS. The experience so far has been fantastic, seeing words on a screen become a fully functional app.

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