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"I love this site it's non stop learning the videos and instructions are down to earth and I don't have to struggle @CodeAvengers"

Jason Antonia Ybarra


"For those who are pro at @CodeAvengers you could get lucky and land a job with @uber thx 4 sharing @AlyssaNewcomb"



"Finished my @CodeAvengers course on HTML/CSS for @micheleahouston's #digitaljournalism class. Great learning tool!"

Megan Sunderland


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 7-day free trial work?

The free trial gives you access to the first 5 lessons of each of our courses for 7 days. If you love it, then you can upgrade to our premium account to get unlimited access to all courses. Quizzes, projects and developer tools.

Will I need any special software, hardware or books?

No! All you need to get started is right here on this website. Code Avengers works best with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox-although you shouldn’t have any problems with other modern browsers. If you are using internet Explorer, please use version 9 or better.

How often do you release new content?

We are releasing new courses every month! You can refer to our profile page that lists all of our courses and includes upcoming courses that are coming out soon.

Can I cancel anytime?

There are absolutely no contracts with Code Avengers. You can cancel or pause your account at any time. To pause your subscription, enter account settings through the top left menu and scroll down to to manage your account.

What kind of skills do I need to use Code Avengers?

None! You can start learning code and building websites, games and apps with no prior knowledge. Code Avengers is great for total beginners - start at level 1. More experienced coders can start at level 2 or higher.

What age is Code Avengers suitable for?

Code Avengers has been used to great success with people of all ages- if you can read, understand basic math and can use a computer, you can start learning to code now. It’s really that simple!

What if I get stuck on a lesson?

Our tasks provide feedback when you make mistakes, as well as hints and answers. If you find a lesson particularly challenging you can contact us at support@codeavengers.com, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Will I learn to develop mobile apps and games?

Yes! At Code Avengers we teach you to build apps with HTML, CSS and JAvaScript. These apps can be converted to native phone apps for all devices, using a free tool called phonegap.

How long does it usually take me to build something after learning from Code Avengers?

Within just hours you will be building simple apps, games and websites. Building more complex games and applications will require more learning and practice.

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