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Build an app

This project uses:

This challenging and exciting project will teach you how to create a Photo Booth app. Using JavaScript, CSS and HTML you will connect buttons that let you use a camera, upload images and customize your photos by inserting stickers and applying filters.

html-css javascript

Learn a language (1-3 Months)


Build websites

What you'll need:

Learn HTML and CSS and you'll be able to build you own websites with full control over layout and style!


Build a career (6+ Months)

Become a

Web Developer

What you'll need:

Learn web development to get the skills to build fully interactive websites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

html-css javascript

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 7 day trial work?

The free trial gives you unlimited access to all our free courses and up to 5 lessons of our premium courses. No credit card is required to start a trial. If you would like to get full access to courses you will need to upgrade to a subscription.

What kind of skills do I need to use Code Avengers?

None! Code Avengers teaches both beginners and those with more experience. We’re continually adding content to our library.

Will I need any special software, hardware or books?

You won't need any special hardware or OS. You can access Code Avengers courses from any computer with a modern browser and Internet connection, although we recommend using Google Chrome. Please note: Code Avengers does not support Internet Explorer 11 or lower.

How long does it usually take for me to build something after learning?

While everyone learns at a different pace, students who put in several hours each day to apply what they’ve learned should be able to build their own projects in 6-12 months.

Am I tied to a contract?

There are absolutely no contracts with Code Avengers. You can cancel or pause your account at any time.

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